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Australian Partner Visa Q&A

In Australia, a partner visa allows the fiancé of an Australian citizen to temporarily or permanently live in the country. Many people are often confused about the partner visa. Below is a comprehensive Q&A about the visa. 

What Are The Types of Partner Visas? 

There are two types of partner visas; subclass 820 (temporary) and subclass 801 (permanent). The subclass 820 visa allows you to stay in the country for up to 24 months. However, the immigration department will extend the visa as they process your permanent visa. With a subclass 820 visa, you can work and study in Australia. You can also apply for health insurance (Medicare) and travel to other countries as you wish. The permanent partner visa grants you the rights of a permanent resident. 

How Do You Qualify For The Visa? 

Similar to other visas, you will need to meet the character and health requirements. Additionally, you must prove that you are in a relationship with an Australian citizen. Typically, your case officer will need substantial evidence such as a marriage certificate, shared assets or bank accounts, knowledge of your partner's family, and your social life. When applying for a subclass 801 visa, you must prove that your relationship is permanent. For example, you must be willing to live together. 

Do You Need An Immigration Lawyer When Applying For The Visa? 

Preferably, you should hire an immigration lawyer when applying for a partner visa. The lawyer will assess whether you qualify for the visa. For instance, other than your qualifications, they will examine your sponsor's eligibility. Typically, your sponsor should not have sponsored another person for the last two years. Besides, they should have the financial capacity to support your stay in the country. 

The lawyer will advise which documents you should use to apply for the visa. Besides, they will prepare you for visa interviews and provide feedback to your case officer. The lawyer will also appeal your case if the department rejects your application.  

What Are Your Obligations When You Secure The Visa? 

Once you attain your visa, the department expects you to abide by Australian law. Otherwise, you could be deported to your home country. People with temporary visas must renew their visas on time. Remember, it is illegal to stay in the country without a valid permit. 

When applying for a partner visa, choose an appropriate permit, check the eligibility criteria, hire an immigration attorney and follow the Australian laws.

For more information on partner visas, contact a local immigration lawyer.